Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Consists of a pair of testis with epididymis, a pair of vas deferens a pair of seminal vesicles and ejaculatory duct, a multilobulated prostrate gland, a pair of cowper`s gland and one urethra passing through the penis.

  • Most commonly it is extra abdominal.At the time of birth it descends in scrotal sac; FSH helps in this process, since , spermatogenesis takes place at comparitively lower temperature than that of the body temperature. Elephant and whale are exception to this.
  • In seasonal breeders testis descends into scrotum only during breeding.
  • Each testes in man measures 5*3*2.5cm.
  • In embryo at seventh month of division it descends down in scrotal sac. Condition is extra abdominal, due to 3 degree less temperature is available, helpful in spermatogenesis.
  • The condition when testes do not descend down in scrotum is called Cryptorchididsm.
  • Both scrotal sacs are internally separated by septum scorti and externally by scar-like raphe. In scrotal sac fat layer is absent , involuntary muscles are present. 
  • Lumen of scrotal sac is vaginal coelom, in it testes are present. Vaginal coelom is connected to main coelom by inguinal canal.
  • Testes are attached to wall of scrotal sac by elastic structure i.e., Gubernaclum.