Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The living world (NCERT based questions)

1) What is the Mode of reproduction in yeast and hydra?
2) In which organism Reproduction occurs by Regeneration in?
-Planaria(flat worms)
3) The most defining property of the living organisms?
4) what is the total number of species that are known and described?
1.7-1.8 million
5) What is the first step of nomenclature?
- Identification
6) What is the expanded form of ICBN?
International code for botanical nomenclature
7) What's the expanded form of ICZN?
International code for Zoological Nomenclature
8) Who gave the sytem of binomial nomenclature?
Carlous linnaeous (karl von linnae)
9) What is the scientific name of mango?
  Mangifera indica
  10) What is process by which anything is grouped into convenient categories for easy study?
  - classification
  - 11) what is the scientific term for categories?
  - taxa
  - 12) what is the process of classification known as?
  - taxonomy
13) Who wrote the book systema naturae?
   Carlous linnaeous
14) what is the basic/fundamental unit of classification?
15) What is the group of species known as?
16) In which family the genera Solanum, petunia, datura are placed? 
17) Who gave Natural system of classification ?
Bentham and Hooker
18)Where is the largest collection of herbarium is located in india?
Central national herbarum, kolkata
19) what is the botanical name of 'chana'?
Cicer arietinum
20) Who is regarded as the 'father of taxonomy'? 
Carlous linnaeous