Sunday, August 13, 2017

Are NCERT Books sufficient for cracking neet exam?

There is abundant study material available for preparation of each medical examination. However, students often struggle to find the right study material for the preparation. Also, some students end up in selecting wrong material and do not get the desired result even after putting enough hard work.
Similarly, there is no dearth of NEET preparation material in market. But, we can’t go through every material available. We should identify right and result oriented study material.
Having said that, NCERT books are very important for preparation of the exam in general and for clearing out the theoretical concepts in particular. However, NCERT books needs to be substantiated by practice books. One should start with NCERT books and must be followed by rigorous practice through reference books.
In this article we will share why NCERT books are required, suggest reference books to practice and a result driven strategy to prepare for NEET.

Why NCERT books are required?

Direct Questions
Since, NEET authority follows NCERT books for designing of exam, there are many questions which are either directly fetched from these books or follow a similar pattern. Numerical based questions are also influenced by the NCERT syllabus. 70-75% of the questions come from the NCERT books.
Strong Concepts

NCERT books are very good for clearing out the concepts. When these cleared concepts are substantiated by proper practice, concepts become strong.

Simple language:
NCERT books are written in a simple and lucid language which is easy to understand. Also, these books are direct in their approach which makes it easier for students to understand the technical aspects of topics.

These are some objective books other than NCERT that students should refer to prepare for NEET:
Objective Biology by Dinesh,
H.C. Verma Concepts of Physics 
Objective physics for NEET Vol. 1 
Objective Physics For NEET vol.2(Arihant Publications)
Objective Chemistry (Volume 1 and 2) by Arihant publications
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